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The aim of our business is to offer various ways to present authentic Thai food to you and your guests
We can bring our Thai style cooking into your home either as a dinner party so you can invite us round to cook for you or perhaps we can teach with a small group in your kitchen how to make the best of this wonderful tasty food.
Waew has been a professional chef in a well know restaurant for over 5 years here in Plymouth and now is embarking on this new venture to bring the smells and skills of her countries food right into your kitchen. If you want us to pop round to discuss ideas then simply call us.


Call Martin or Waew (Well) on 07703231150



'Deep fried salmon with chili garlic dressing'

We have only just started this business and have yet to fulfil its real potential.
The host chef Waew has been cooking for many years both professionally as a head chef of a prestigious restaurant in Plymouth but more importantly this is about cooking the real authentic food she has grown up with. From her mother and her grandmother she has learnt how to put the ingredients of this amazing food right from the source and never deviates from the truth of real Thai and also other Asian dishes

Some of our dishes we reckon you may like.
Stir fried Squid with roasted chili paste and garden vegetables

Thai In Your Kitchen's photo.
Thai In Your Kitchen's photo.

We are keeping it real as in no fancy photos just as it is on the table. We can do posh or a simple buffet style we are here to discuss what you would like.

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'Egg Noodles with fragrantly cooked pork and spring veg'